What Even Is “The Broke Ass Artpunk Hundredaire Theatre Gang Club”–and am I at risk?

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This post is from the Artpunk Club 2019 Archive.

The Broke-Ass Artpunk Hundredaire Theatre Gang Club (TBAAHTGC) is not really technically a gang. So don’t worry. It is a Portland arts calendar with one objective: to fill a month with a great art event at least once a week, for under $100 a month. We don’t sell tickets. We don’t sell ads. We don’t actually sell anything. We are just super into Portland’s badass arts scene, but have found it a comical amount of trouble to keep track of its beautiful bounty. Basically, it was such a pain in the ass trying to figure out when the best stuff was happening so that we don’t miss out, that it seemed a shame not to share it. This is our way of inviting other cool people who are sick of watching Netflix every night to see how much great stuff is happening. That’s how The Club was born.

TBAAHTGC (Artpunk Club) is built on the idea that theatre and performing arts are for everyone, and by everyone we mean specifically not just rich people. We chose a monthly $100 maximum as a “realistic splurge” amount of money. It’s not nothing, but it’s on par with a daily drip coffee, one round of drinks with friends every Friday, or a single dinner for two at Outback (with apps).

Each week Artpunk Club (AC) offers two (sometimes three!) hand-picked arts event recommendations in Portland, always under $25 general admission, so you can have a standing date with the best of the Portland arts scene. Our average ticket pick price is $13, which means that some weeks you can even catch both shows for under $25, or take a friend (and make them buy you food after, since you got tickets). And if you are a student, or if you have an Oregon trail card, your tickets to some shows might cost even less!

Portland’s arts scene is vibrant and diverse, with shows that range from suuuuuuuper lowbrow schlock-fests with fake blood and riotous laughs to avant-garde dance pieces that somehow scoot right past the part of you that is “decidedly NOT an avant-garde dance person” to resonate deep and stay with you for days and weeks afterward. There is always, always, ALWAYS something going on, and our whole deal is making it easy (and cheap!) to be a part of it. So grab a buddy or two, make it a sometimes thing, a monthly thing, or a weekly thing. Up to you!

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