The Broke-Ass Artpunk Hundredaire Theatre Gang Club

A Yearlong

Portland Performance Arts

The Story

What started as an affordable arts calendar became an experiment in reframing the artgoing experience. We love the Portland performing arts scene and wanted to share that fandom in different positive ways: interviews, weekly recommendations, fan art, 

t-shirts… Anything and everything we could do to promote live performance art. Artpunk Club is a collection of joyful work celebrating a year in the life of Portland theater community fandom.


Cultivating a sense of relatability and accessibility through dumb art jokes


Inviting artists to  contextualize their own work


Fun printables to celebrate our favorite upcoming shows


Promoting affordable arts to nontraditional audiences, one Weekend Roundup at a time

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Start Arting around

The Artpunk Club Calendar closed in March of 2020, but performance art is alive and kicking in Portland. Here are our top three favorite sources for staying on top of Portland’s hottest performance art as the world reopens and new art-going possibilities emerge.




The Portland Mercury is the best source for all kinds of theatre, from improv to opera


Dance Wire is the ultimate hub for Portland’s vibrant dance culture


Performance Works NW is constantly hosting some of the coolest, weirdest art in Portland, and it’s always affordable—an absolute treasure.



A huge thank you to the entire Portland arts community for a great year. Here’s to seeing you again in 2021 and beyond!