Un-Official Illegal Bootleg Downloadable Print-Your-Own Trash Diggers Walrus Mask!

This post is from the Artpunk Club 2019 Archive.

FINALLY, it’s time for Trash Diggers! Everyone at Artpunk Club has been counting the days until the premiere of this play—nay, EVENT—for what seems like forever. Written and directed by Stephanie Woods and co-produced by Artpunk faves Rutabaga Story Co., Trash Diggers promises to be sensitive, funny, touching, and puppet-rich. From Rutabaga:


“Trash Diggers is a play about seemingly incurable sadness. It is shown to us through the lens of Eugene, a scientist who is researching Wrangel Island, which is filled with the world’s saddest people. His aim is to bring these people back to life through a system of memory retrieval that utilizes shared memories, a WHAM machine, and a magic walrus. This research is conducted by Pam, a mother determined to bring her daughter, Joan, back from the void of Wrangel Island. Pam is aided in her search by Jelly, a fellow Trash Digger who loves sugar (but of course, they all do). Trash Diggers is a playful approach to discussing the subject of depression and how we interact with mental illness, both as the people who suffer from it and the people who love them.”



Fri, Dec. 6th @ 7:30pm

Sat, Dec. 7th @ 7:30pm

Sun, Dec. 8th @ 7:30pm

Mon, Dec. 9th @ 7:30pm

Thur, Dec. 12th @ 7:30pm

Fri, Dec. 13th @ 7:30pm

Sat, Dec. 14th @ 7:30pm.


Celebrate with us by downloading this 11″x17″ file, taking it to Kinkos, printing it, cutting it out, and strapping it to your head and wearing it to the show in Walrus-solidarity!

Trash Diggers Walrus Mask Downloadable PDF

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