Yellow Yellow Yellow Q+A Series: Sam Reiter

This post is from the Artpunk Club 2019 Archive.

With The Ways We Cope, Red Balloon Theater Collective—RBTC for short—declared that they were a legit experimental ensemble to be reckoned with, capable of multidisciplinary performances full of wit, insight, and humor. And in the theater season since, several Balloonists have done astonishing work onstage in other companies’ productions and solo shows. In short, they are Young Creatives To Watch, and helping to drive the Portland theater scene into newer, more explorative territories.


Yellow Yellow Yellow is their newest jam and promises to be a fun, emotional Venn diagram of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a big-top circus, and group therapy.


Artpunk Club asked RBTC and their Yx3 collaborators to answer a handful of questions about the show, their experiences in theater, and the Portland arts scene.


What’s the best thing about theater to you as a performer?

As a performer, the best thing about theatre for me is when things go wrong. I know it seems crazy, but I love the exhilaration and connection and presence that actors experience onstage when they have to discreetly problem solve in front of an audience. 


What is the best thing about theater to you as an audience member?

As an audience member, I love when I feel completely consumed and immersed in the world of a play. For me, great sound design is especially good at this. 


Which performances in the 2018/2019 Portland Theater season did you crush on the hardest?

(Note: please do not choose another Red Balloonist’s performance—too easy!)

I always crush on Diane Kondrat’s performances. She is always so present, grounded, and fierce. Girl in the Red Corner at Defunkt was amazing!


What should audiences expect from Yellow Yellow Yellow?

Audiences should expect all forms of hysteria.


You have 3 genie wishes to be used on the Portland Theatre Scene. What do you wish for? (No monkey paw catches)

My three wishes: a) Greater access to government funding for the arts, especially maintaining arts spaces and protecting them from developers. b) Greater risk taking with both form and content! Portland does pretty well at this already but I always want it to go further. c) Enough employment in the arts to go around to all the performers I know!.


Yellow Yellow Yellow has closed, but Red Balloon Theatre Collective is still creating. Keep up with their latest projects at!

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