Lost. Found. Q+A Series: Keegan Kyle

This post is from the Artpunk Club 2019 Archive.

The Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble—that’s PETE to their friends—stages inventive and unusual new works (Deception Unit, How We Learn) as well as fresh adaptations of more traditional fare (Uncle Vanya/a whole lotta Chekhov). But! PETE also offers a yearlong unique and intensive training program known as the Institute for Contemporary Performance (ICP). Each year’s cohort puts on a showcase at the end of their term. This year’s performance, Lost. Found., features the seven artists of the 2018/2019 cohort in an imaginative new work featuring clown ballet, an undetermined number of paper flowers, Ancient Greek stand-up, non-existent time, the grim reaper, and possibly 15-20 Styrofoam heads. We can’t wait!

We asked each cohort member a handful of questions about the show, their experience in the program, and the Portland arts scene.


Keegan Kyle

Pieces: Mountain Goats, Falling Man, Palindrome Machines, Mr. Blue


Artpunk Club: What is it about theater that really does it for you?

Keegan Kyle: For me, to learn theatre is to learn how to live because all the skills you need: a state of

presence and listening, responding to impulse and stimuli, problem solving, having empathy,

and among more disciplines and lessons, all have helped me live my life in a more honest,

open-hearted, and ultimately fulfilling way.


AC: What personal or professional goals inspired you to undergo an intensive yearlong training program?

KK: I was introduced to devising, Suzuki and Viewpoints in my college acting classes and

productions and was really captivated by them, so I took one of the Suzuki/Viewpoints 3-day

intensives PETE offers. Having the opportunity to delve into them, I saw how no matter what

forms of performance I engage in they will be extremely useful.


AC: What should audiences expect from Lost. Found.?

KK: A series of journeys.


AC: As an audience member, what’s your favorite show from the last year of Portland theatre?

KK: I always wish I had more time (and money) to see shows but I would definitely say Anthem directed by Milka Djordjevich at the TBA festival last September.


AC: What’s next?

KK: I’ll be looking for any kind of job and work on some solo stuff. Claire Rigsby and I have also talked about expanding a piece we collaboratively made for Lost. Found.


AC: You have 3 genie wishes to be used on the Portland Theatre Scene. What do you wish for? (No

monkey paw catches)

KK: 1. More funding for theatre programs in schools!!! (This is outright good but also a way to

generate a younger audience base in our professional theaters).

2. More productions that inspire the audience to invite the extraordinary and spectacular

into the pedestrian ways we act in the world.

3. More venues for theatre and other arts all over town.

Lost. Found. has closed, but you can keep up with PETE’s latest work (as well as ICP and other training opportunities!) at www.petensemble.org

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